An assessment and brief intervention system to help transform the most complicated cases you'll see in your therapy office. (Pre-Launch Offer: Content will be fully delivered by December 31, 2021)


Are you taking endless courses, certifications, and trainings to develop the skills to work with complicated cases?

Complicated families impacted by intergenerational trauma require a system that supports both the caregiver and the child or teen. Calming the family nervous system while addressing the caregiver's unresolved trauma is critical to effectively supporting the child or teen as well as the family.


...and get off the hampster wheel of training!

This isn't just a short checklist of things to look out for with complicated families.  This is an assessment system and brief intervention process based on Polyvagal Theory and attachment science to transform both your skills and your clients!

Benefits Included in the Toolkit

  • Confidently understand intergenerational trauma and how it is transmitted between generations.

  • ​Step-by-step guide for identifying sneaky impacts of intergenerational trauma on the parent-child relationship.

  • Identify difficult to navigate areas with children and their parents due to generational patterns of trauma that impacts parenting.

  • Preliminary assessment of the parent-child attachment may be and where challenges may be present.

  • ​Identify the degree of intergenerational impacts the child may be experiencing.

  • Improve understanding of the parental mindset without stressing the therapy relationship

  • Building Polyvagal based attachment skills with parents relatively quickly.

  • Skills to support the parent with recognizing Caregiver Dysregulation related to their unresolved trauma and the intensity of parenting a child impacted by trauma.

  • Develop enhanced therapist skills for supporting coregulation in the parent-child relationship.

  • Further your expertise by learning multiple concepts related to intergenerational trauma.

Here's What You'll Get:

  • Five Domains of Assessment Checklist & Training

    Identify the impact of intergenerational trauma on the five areas that are most impacted in the parent-child relationship. ($97 Value)

  • Introduction to Intergenerational Trauma Video Training with Barbara Woods, Ph.D.

    Overview of how trauma is transmitted across generations and negatively impacts children and the parent-child relationship. ($97 Value)

  • Polyvagal Theory, Assessment & Interventions

    Ninety minute training video that will provide the basic skills related to using Polyvagal Theory for both assessment and interventions. ($97 Value)

  • Five Step Polyvagal Attachment Framework

    Teach parents in five steps to harness the power of the autonomic nervous system to improve coregulation, build safety with their child, and use mindful parents strategies during challenging times. Each step has a short video explanation to enhance therapist skills. ($197 Value)

  • Crack the Code on Attachment Workbook for Parents

    Ten+ page reproducible workbook for parents to build the following skills: harness the power of coregulation; understand attachment from a Polyvagal frameworK. ($97 Value)

  • [BONUS #1] 30 Days of Intergenerational Trauma Video Series

    Short daily videos emailed to you that will introduce you to intergenerational trauma and additional concepts that help transform your therapy skills. ($97)

  • [BONUS #2] Resilience Based Therapists - VIP Members Private Facebook Group

    A community of professionals who have taken courses with Barbara Woods, Ph.D. for collaboration, support and expert guidance.

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Licensing Terms

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