Program Description

  • Assessment

    Sexual behavior problems require specialized assessments to identify contributing factors within the child and within the family. After taking this course, you will have a clear idea of what assessments are necessary and how to best interpret them within the context of sexualized behavior problems. Assessments covered include intake assessment, standardized assessments, and additional structured assessments.

  • Intervention

    Interventions will be presented that include establishing safety, emotion identification & appropriate expression, correcting cognitive distortions, increased awareness of problematic behavior, and maintaining boundaries. Interventions for working with both children and caregivers will be presented.

  • Implementation

    Special emphasis on the implementation of interventions to the family system and impact on attachment will be provided. This includes the potential difficulties in supporting parents, intergenerational trauma, and modifications of assessments and interventions for special populations.

What you will learn in this course:

Transform your knowledge to help transform hurting families.

  • Improve your understanding of sexual behavior problems in children to be able to distinguish between normative behavior and sexual problem behaviors.

  • Understand sexual behavior problems through Polyvagal Lens and strategies to help parents, caregivers, and professionals develop greater compassion

  • Learn to assess children and families to best plan interventions for supporting the child as well as the family.

  • Obtain a PDF copy of "The Boundary Project" which is a manualized protocol for supporting children and families in addressing problematic sexual behavior (Courtesy of Self Esteem Shop)

  • Learn additional intervention strategies to support tougher cases with intergenerational trauma.

  • Learn about pitfalls in implementing any type of program for problematic sexual behavior and strategies to address these difficulties.

Free copy of the Boundary Project ($40 value) with course purchase.

The course includes a PDF copy of the Boundary Project provided through Self Esteem Shop ( ) written by Elaina Gil & Jennifer Shaw. This comprehensive session-by-session trauma-focused and developmentally-sensitive approach combines principles of evidence-based practices like CBT and play-based assessment and treatment strategies. It's been successfully implemented in individual, group, and family therapy to reduce problem sexual behaviors and address dynamic and familial factors underlying such behaviors. CD includes the manual and reproducible forms.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to the course!

    • How to get the most from this course

  2. 2
    • General Introduction to Developmental Levels & Sexual Behavior Continuum

    • Manual Pages 2 & 3

    • 3 Levels of Sexual Behavior Problems; Risk & Exacerbating Factors; and Guidelines for Treatment

    • Manual Pages 4-7

    • Child SBPs and Attachment

    • Manual Pages 8 and 9

    • Impact of Parent's Unresolved Sexual Abuse Trauma

    • Manual Pages 10 and 11

    • Family Culture related to Sexuality

    • Manual pages 12 and 13

  3. 3
    • Domains of Assessment with Parents

    • Manual pages 14 to 20

    • Introduction to Assessment with the Child

    • Manual pages 21 to 28

    • Assessment with the Child

    • Triangle of Experience (or Well-Being)

    • Triangle of Experience for SBPs

  4. 4
    • SBP Framework for Intervention

    • Manual Pages 29 to 33

    • Deciding on Individual, Group or Family Therapy

    • Manual Page 34

    • The Boundary Project

    • Three Types of Touches Alternative

    • Safety Planning

    • Manual Pages 35 & 36

    • Boundary Project Best Practices

  5. 5
    • Introduction to Implementation Strategies

    • Assessment is the Foundation

    • Preventing Early Termination

    • Supporting Disgusted or Angry Parents

    • Manual Pages 37 & 38

  6. 6

    • Quiz for Continuing Education

  7. 7
    • Certificate of Completion

    • Course Curriculum

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